Hundreds of companies in Europe, Africa, Russia and CIS rely on BELLATRIX for eliminating the complexity of their transaction technology and payment systems, optimizing their processes, ensuring regulatory compliance, cost reduction as well as seamless and secure consumer experience.

Assisting Financial and Retail organizations 
on their journey towards digital transformation, 
BELLATRIX business operations span more than 50 countries.

Finding a permanent solution is our ultimate goal!

Being in the forefront of the e-payments industry for the past 15 years, BELLATRIX is uniquely positioned as the technology solutions provider that helps Financial and Retail organizations embark on their journey towards digital transformation. The company currently operates in more than 50 countries in Europe, CIS and Africa. With a strong geographical presence, BELLATRIX can support clients around the world, either through its own local teams or via an established network of carefully selected partners.

Following a successful period of growth and innovation in the payments sector, the company is currently expanding its solution portfolio to include branch automation as well as digital transformation and retail automation solutions, assisting Financial and Retail Organizations in their efforts to optimize operations, while enabling continued innovation and surpassing customer expectations. Hundreds of companies in Europe, Africa, Russia and CIS rely on BELLATRIX for eliminating the complexity of their payment systems, optimizing their processes, ensuring regulatory compliance, cost reduction as well as seamless and secure consumer experience.



BELLATRIX provides a comprehensive range of payment terminals, along with state-of-the-art terminal software applications and a complementary suitecomplete range of support services, enabling network owners and operators to develop and manage their networks efficiently. We have forged strong partnerships with two leading global POS vendors, Verifone and PAX, to ensure we offer our customers the widest choice of equipment to meet their specific needs as well as the regulatory and technology requirements of the ever-evolving payments market.


UniPOS Pro is a unique Multivendor POS software platform from BELLATRIX which can run on any of the major vendors’ terminals and provides POS network operators with a unified, standardized user interface which can help maximize network performance and minimize operating costs. POS network operators using UniPOS Pro enjoy unrivaled network efficiency, along with a number of other benefits, including: Flexibility to purchase any hardware without software limitations; Flexibility in terminal estate management; Minimized migration costs and fast deployment to new customers through use of a unified interface; PA DSS certification of payment application ensuring compliance to innovative worldwide security standards.


The explosion of business technology over the last decade has been characterized by an intense focus on automation and efficiency. In order for retailers to thrive in this digital new world, they need to incorporate automation into their customer touch points in order to improve the customer journey. Automation solutions offered by BELLATRIX to Retail organizations can offer benefits such as reduced costs, operational efficiency, improved instore customer experience.


Evolving customer behaviour and the emergence of new technologies have imposed a foundational change on how organizations deliver value to their customers. BELLATRIX provides solutions based on new technologies which make bank branches more efficient, create improved tech-friendly experiences for consumers and boost sales. As bank branches remain an essential part of the bank’s operations, the adoption of new, teller-and desk-free branch formats, and the use of digital technology improve the operational models of the branches.


Multi-vendor POS payment application

As one of the largest providers of POS HW terminals BELLATRIX has also developed a true multi-vendor POS payment application. The payment application stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data as part of authorization or settlement, simplifying and streamlining critical aspects of payment operations by providing faster and more accurate transactions as well as simplifying the daily sales reconciliation process.

The application is designed for multiple protocols, processor and card types, with advanced single point management system, and built according to PA DSS standards. It also supports various models and platforms: desktop, mobile, wireless, mPOS and unattended.

Technical Data

  • Multiple hardware platform- one user interface PAX, Verifone (Verix & Evolution), Ingenico (Telium2 onwards), Hypercom Optimum.
  • Supports all major payment cards: VISA/VISA PayWave, MasterCard/ Paypass, AmericanExpress / ExpressPay, Diners Club, JCB, Golden Crown, China UnionPay, MIR.
  • Supported loyalty platforms: DLS, BMS, Welcome Real-Time XLS, Golden Crown.
  • Supported host systems/ protocols: OpenWay (Way4), Tieto (Transmaster), Compass Plus (Transware), ACI (Base24), BPC (SmartVista), TSYS (Prime), OTS (OST24), CFT (Golden Crown), others upon request.
  • Supported communications: Ethernet, Dial-Up, GPRS/3G, RS232, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB.
  • Languages/ Localization: Quick and easy adaptation of any language- more than 10 languages already operational.
  • Security & encryption: SSL/TLS, including SSL over RS232 and USB; 3-DES; MAC-key, SecureISO and others. Meets PCI PA DSS standards.

Remote Key Loading and Management

Improving operational efficiencies and enhancing security.  With the rapid growth of POS terminal networks, along with the enhanced security compliance standards, banks need a cost effective and secure solution that would enable them to remotely inject terminal master keys in an automated, secure and PCI compliant way. BELLATRIX’ Pro Key solution, part of the UNIPOS Pro family, is a unique multi-vendor platform for Remote Key Loading and Management which supports the full key lifetime management of the entire POS network in an automatic, secure and cost-efficient way.

Solution Benefits:

  • Improves operational efficiency.
  • Simplifies and automates the establishment injection of unique key per device.
  • Simplifies POS device deployment.
  • Avoids traditional logistics problems associated with key management.
  • Fully compliant with all network operating rules and standards such as PCI PIN security and payment systems requirements.
  • Provides key management audit logging and record keeping.
  • Supports integration with processing host for key status updates operations at the host.
Monitor technical conditions of POS terminal network

UniPOS Pro Monitoring is designed to monitor technical conditions of POS terminal network and collect statistics on transactions for generating analytical reports. UniPOS Pro Monitoring is an effective way to keep your network efficient!

The UniPOS Monitoring system is a server that stores information about transactions and incidents sent by payment devices on a constant basis.

Security-wise it is important that statistics do not contain confidential information. In particularUniPOS Pro Monitoring records data on the types of cards used, amounts and currencies of transactions, as well as on the outcome of completed transactions. However, any communication between a POS terminal and the server is encrypted and transmitted via the SSL protocol.

Key benefits:

  • Effective operational management of POS terminal network;
  • Capacity of financial monitoring, including statistics by type of payment systems and types of cards with reference to geographic locations;
  • User-friendly web-based interface;
  • Timely notifications about critical issues
  • Improves quality of support for clients



  • Payment device physical condition check;
  • Checking POS terminal software modules for errors;
  • Detailed statistics on your terminals
  • Collection of financial statistics;
  • Compiling financial reports;
  • Preparing reports on types of cards, financial transactions;
  • Compiling reports on condition of POS terminal network;
  • Compiling reports on the POS terminals software;
  • Displaying POS terminals location on a map.

Processing and Storage of Electronic POS terminal slips

A software solution that accepts and stores slips from the POS terminal network. Minimizing the use of paper, the solution enables for the electronic slip to be transferred from the POS to the e-slip storage server and stored safely in the slip database. Should the customer request it, the slip is also sent to the buyer via email or sms. The slips can be exported in various formats such as PDF or PNG. Merchants are provided with personal accounts and access to the server to work with electronic slips, while flexible filters allow for a convenient slip search.

UniPOS Pro E-Slip key benefits:

  • Centralizes and therefore simplifies the slip management process through a single point for all slips per merchant.
  • Optimizes slip processing and storage costs.
  • Higher efficiency of the claim settlement.
  • Offers higher quality and additional services to customers.

Saves environment and money by reducing the amount of printed slips.


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